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    Cute Grit
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Stick-chat with ENFU's massive sticker library makes a sticker worth a thousand texts! 
Over 1,800+ (and counting) whimsical stickers made by video game artist Enfu. 
Send stickers directly from ENFU to your SMS text, mail, Twitter, and Facebook. ENFU offers free, premium, and un-lockable hidden packs, and will continue to add ever more unique sticker packs every update to expand the ENFU library. The ENFU App is a universal App working on the iPad and the iPhone. (Android version not currently in development)

 ENFU is now available to download on the App Store.


  • -Chain together 2-25 stickers to compose fun sticker messages. 
  • -Compose a string of stickers dynamically arranging itself optimized to maximize screenspace. 
  • -Keep adding stickers to the top pink bar 
  • -Touch stickers in the pink bar to delete 
  • -Dynamically adapts to maximize sticker display on screen (see screenshots for examples) 

 Come up with your own creative sticker messages for your friends to figure out. 

***No other app offers such a massive library of stickers from one single Artist.***

More details available in the App section of this website.