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    Cute Grit
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Hamster Hawk Plushie

Finally the Hamster Hawks are here, the beloved sticker from CS:GO.

Images used courtesy of Penny Arcade, which also sell the Hamster Hawk!


$25 +$5 S/H

ALL SOLD OUT. Please buy them at Penny Arcade.


Ramen Series

RAMEN! Gotta love it. My personal favorite food. You can now place your order online. They are 12"x12" and fit in any standard album cover frame. Each print is signed in pencil with a "signed by the artist" gold burnished seal on the back, bagged in vinyl, and shipped in a hard envelope. There is a deal if you get the set of 6.


Irasshai! Place Ramen Order Below!

Prints can be seen in the picture below! Get them all! 

Click to read more ...


Enfu Cosplayers

Enfu Cosplayers, suggestions collected by my fans during Request Fridays on my Facebook Fan Page.


enfu print #108

Poster Print

edition size: open edition

dims: 20"x20"

$20 + S/H

Bulk Discounts