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    Cute Grit
    by Enfu
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-enfu blurb:

Enfu is a sushi & hamburger eatin' samurai cowboy.

He grew up watching Dragon Ball & G.I. Joe, playing jan-ken-pon & rock paper scissors, and collecting Bikkuriman & Garbage Pail Kids.
Enfu is a bilingual Japanese American Nisei, his illustrations, blog, & comic, reflect this identity exploration. 


Here is a little help getting around my site.


The comic portion of Enfu is my collection of webcomics I make for fun & for your enjoyment.

Its a bilingual comic, not a translation.  Same comic for two different (or same) audience. 

2 comics listed per page, one in English, one in Japanese.

These comics appear in print in Ibuki Magazine.


The blog portion of Enfu is broken down into 3 categories:

1.  Opinion-my critical views on both Japanese & American cultures (east vs west).

2.  Design Inspirations-things that spur me to create.

3.  Works in Progress- showing the process in which I create my own pieces.


The catalogue is enfu's online store:

1.  Poster-open edition poster quality prints, more affordable than the limited edition versions.

2.  Silkscreen-Most of which are limited editions.

3.  Mixed Media-includes Giclees, canvas prints, prints on bamboo veneer etc...


I offer most of my poster prints, giclees, and silkscreens online, but if you want my canvas prints go through Kobo.


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