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Enfu Arsenal

I started out in the video game industry actually modelling guns and props over 13 years ago. My curiosity lead me to explore many types of positions in many ranges of capacity and influence. My mantra of "Make Many Things" still rings true and applies to me today. My most recent exploration brings me full circle to submitting the whole arsenal of gun skins for CS GO. I absolutely loved loved loved making these! This did not feel like work at all. If you happen to be a fan of my art and that of Valve and CSGO, please vote for "The Enfu Arsenal" collection. There is a vast sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in this full set of 32 gun skins, even if not one gets voted in game. The job itself is truly its reward!  Enjoy!


Enfu Sticker Capsule

I've noticed at conventions people have stopped, pointed, and shouted, 'hey it's Hamster Hawk' and people tell me which gun they've put my stickers on. I'm excited you're excited. Well now in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you can buy my Enfu Sticker Capsule!





As usual, I love to use Cons to gauge interest and to A/B test new products. At Emerald City Comicon and Sakuracon we found that listening to the feedback, people wanted shirts! So finally we made 3 shirts. They are currently being picked up by local distributors in the Seattle area. But, if you're not from Seattle, many of you now buy our shirts on our ETSY site! We currently make them in small batches, so be quick to get them while they last!


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