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    Cute Grit
    by Enfu
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Enfu Patreon Drop #1


Enfu Patreon

I started a Patreon, which will show patrons a bunch of time lapse videos of my drawing process like the one below. If you'd like to support me and have super early access to my illustrations before they become products, or to watch all the videos way before they become public, then you can support my Patreon here. You will also have early access to my dev diary which will blog more about the secret projects I have brewing. Thank you always for your support!



Enfu Documentary First for Ethnic Experience at NATOA Awards

The Seattle Channel's Community Stories piece on ENFU won first for Ethnic Experience at NATOA (The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors) Awards,  which I'm told is the Emmy's of Government Television. ENFU is category 16. So that's nice, I've never had this kind of experience nor exposure before for simply sharing what I do. I'm honored and thankful the Seattle Channel even found my story worthy to be told. Thank you everybody working at the Seattle Channel and especially Ian Devier who tirelessely recorded my daily grind. 

ENFU from Ian Devier on Vimeo.